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Accepted for a housing association house, classed as high priority, due to fibro flare ups

But there's always a but, my doctor is saying I need to see a specialist to confirm I have fibro as no notes on my medical records great I've had fibro for about 15 years, or so I thought so I don't know what to put on my disability form to the housing association shall I call them and try to explain to them any advise greatly received.

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do you see a rheumatologist? maybe they could confirm it.

If they've accepted you for a house, I'd leave it & not call,

it could take ages to get an app't for confirmation of fibro and you might lose out on a house whilst waiting.


Hello thanks for info, the problem is as I wrote on form that I have fibro they want proof, my doctor has at last referred me, but like you say it could take ages, could I include a doctors letter on disability form as cant put name of rheumatologist as have not got one yet , I have to send forms back asap


Yes, whilst your waiting for an appointment with a consultant, provide a letter from your GP. You will have a lot of tests in Rheumatology to rule out other conditions and confirm fibromyalgia. It took me only a few weeks to see a consultant, it took more time for the second appointment awaiting the diagnosis and test results. Make sure that they send a copy of letter to yourself aswellas the GP, you can chase this up if necessary. Be prepared for the appointment and write symptoms down if necessary on how you are affected. Hope this is helpful and you don't have to wait long and that your application for housing is successful.


If you haven't already been referred to a rheumatologist, ask your gp to refer you. It does take up to 18 weeks for an appointment so get the ball rolling sooner rather than later.



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