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Hi everyone,does anyone else feel totally drained by relationships? I'm finding the only energy I have is for my kids and my dogs,anything else seems too much for me. I can't seem to cope with my friends problems anymore as it makes me even more unwell. I'm so sad as I don't want to loose my friends but even talking on the telephone totally drains me and a couple of weeks ago I tried helping my friend who also has fibro to get to hospital and also the doctors. She was really poorly and although I wanted to help and did help ive just lost all my energy and am feeling pretty poorly. It's not just down to her I've got other things going on(noisy neighbours).

It's like with this illness you have to prioritise on what you use your energy on and after 4 years of having fibro I'm really starting to see the reality. My kids have got to come first. Trouble is I have no other family nearby and it can get very lonely sometimes but I just don't feel able to take on anyone else's problems. I'm very empathic and my body seems to take on everyone else's pain. I just feel so bad about it all.

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Hi Teddysmum,

I Know exactly what you are saying after 10+ years of fibro I find that I am too weary to cope with others issues. I have five grandchildren, four under 5 years and struggle to keep calm when they are all around. I love children and family are paramount to me, However, I just tell my children if I am feeling unwell and go to have a lie down, when the grandchildren follow me up the stairs, I just allow them to sit on the bed and talk to them just explaining that nana does not feel too good they are more understanding than the adults. I just tell myself I can be poorly tomorrow when they are not here. Its very difficult not to become isolated so I make a special effort with my family but say no to others. This disease is cruel the body is so bombarded with pain it can't cope with much else, it does not come with a manual so we have to do what is right for us. I try not to dwell on what has happened yesterday and treat every day as a new experience, do what you can and rest in between, don't be afraid to say no, nicely! Try to look at the good things in life and not dwell on the restrictions of the disease. If your feel everyone else's pain (I do ) see yourself surrounded by a white light, or Angel wings, cacooned from others problems! Hope you have a peaceful day. XXXX Soft hugs!


Thank you for your reply Sophie and I'm glad you get where I'm coming from. I will definetely try the white light thing as I feel like a great big sponge most of the time and have had to isolate myself in order to cope. I just have my two teenagers and that is enough lol,even though they are both great


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