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2 Years Diagnosed and Tired more than ever?

Hi all,

Couldn't put this as a question. I've been diagnosed for 2 years now and now more than ever I'm getting more and more tired. I've always tried to stay positive and have tried to stay out of bed rather than in it, it's more of a coping mechanism I think and I've had all my meds changed and been on my current ones now for at least a year, but lately I'm just getting more and more tired. I've lost a lot of my mobility and my husband is my carer and I have to use a wheelchair to get around most of the time except for a pair of crutches I use around the house and a 4 wheeled walker when my legs are working better than other days which isn't very often and to make sure my legs stay active I try most of the time actually push myself to use the toilet upstairs rather than my commode. I'm scared that if I start staying in bed then that's where I'll stay which I know is what has happened to a lot of people in a similar position. I suppose without thinking i've tried still to be super mum but that's not working anymore. I've told my husband that if I need to stay in bed then I'll have to stay in bed I'm just not very good at staying in bed but if that's what my body is telling me then I need to listen to it. Staying in bed isn't a bad thing it's just not something I'm used to. I suppose i'm still in my early stages of being diagnosed and trying to live with Fibro and M.E. and a nerve condition. It's something I have to start learning to deal with. It's so hard to deal with this every day and I think in someway I thought I was well the joke's on me. Thanks for reading everyone xxxx

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Hugs. Fibromyaglia and ME are hard to live with :-(

Gentle hugs



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