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I'm Back!!!

Hi everyone, its been a few months since I was on here as I've been unable to log in for some reason but its sorted now thank goodness!! Has anyone else had a problem?

I've really missed you all especially as my depression,sleep and anxiety have been really bad. At the moment I'm seeing a herbalist but its a slow process as herbs take longer to work than drugs but I'm persevering cos I don't want any weight gain or other unpleasant side effects. My son gets married next May so can't be putting on weight!

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Welcome back glad you made it back on line. One or two of us have had problems since the site changed but it seems more or less sorted out now, so enjoy!

Good luck with the herbalist sounds very interesting particularly as I have put weight on quite badly in last six months, the heaviest I have ever been and it wont do at all my step son in law gets married next August so something must be done :) xgins


Hi there,iam interested to know what herbs you are trying?many thanks x


Well I was using valerian for sleep and anxiety, St Johns Wort for depression,5HTP also for depression and Siberian ginsing which helps get it all into your system. Anyway its not a good idea to stay on things for too long so I was a bit cautious. I got it all from Holland & Barrett.They changed the make up of St Johns wort recently so I found the max dose available in the shops wasn't helping me anymore so this is why I decided to book a consultation with an actual herbalist. She has made up a mixture which includes St Johns Wort plus other things which I can't remember but together they are to address my depression, anxiety and even digestion problems. Herbalists listen to all your symptoms and prescribe to address everything in a oner unlike can be done with drugs. It tastes foul and I have to take 5mls of the medicine three times a day. It can take up to 3-4 weeks to start working with good effect. The first mix she tried on me didn't help and I nearly gave in and went to my GP but hung in there and we are now trying a slightly different mix. Its been 12 days on that and I think I am just about starting to feel better. Give it a try before you resort to prescription drugs. Btw I had to wean myself off my drugs before trying herbs as the two don't mix. It wasn't easy but I saw a nutritionist who helped me by suggesting various food supplements including liquid minerals to build me up before I came off them. It was hard but I had never managed to come off my drugs before so the supplements really did make all the difference.


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