Chocolate squares


16 oz digestive biscuits (if using home brand add a few more biccies)

8 oz butter

8 oz cooking chocolate

1 tin condensed milk


8 oz chocolate

Smash the digestives to crumbs (smooth or coarse depending on your preference)

Melt the butter and chocolate in bowl over simmering water

When melted pour into biscuits and add condensed milk. Stir altogether.

Spread into a baking/roasting tray, whichever you have available

Allow to firm


Melt the chocolate in bowl over simmering water

Pour and spread the chocolate over the biscuit mix.

Once set cut into squares, rectangles, any shape eat and enjoy.

This is really easy to make, great for kids (small and big).

My Mum used to make these for me, and my brother and Dad. She spent every Friday, from when we left for school or work, baking.

Little wonder none of we're athletes!

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  • yum!! :P

  • Double yum!! xx

  • triple yum :)

  • Will be trying these have had a bad day

  • Hope they make the day a bit better for you.

  • Definitely yum!

  • Yummy going to try n make them sounds delicious xx

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