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DLA Reconsideration - Atos Healthcare Visit

Well, I asked for a reconsideration back in April as am currently on lower rate care. My conditions have got worse and I have been diagnosed with other disabilities. I have Fibro, Lumbar Spondylosis, IBS, Bladder Incontinence, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis in knee & shoulder, Plantar Fascilitis in right foot, Sleep Apnoea. I experience shortness of breath and pains in chests, which I am currently still having investigations for, and I stumble quite a lot and have fallen on occasions and have had an MRI scan and being tested for Menieres disease. I have a blue badge, undergo ongoing chiropractic and accupunture treatment weekly and am on a variety of medication. The decision in June was still lower rate care and I asked for a reconsideration as well as put in an appeal request at the same time. Well after all this time and after writing to my doctor for more information, I have now been told today that I will be getting a visit from an Atos Healthcare Professional.

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keep fighting I to put a change of circumstances in a Cpl of mounths ago and was expecting to have a big fight on my hands and yesterday got a letter from dla not only have I been awarded high mobility but also high care what I would suggest is get help from either citizens advice or a disability advice center also include as much evidence as you can get I included everything every hospital or dr appointment letters from psychiatrist etc etc,i wish you the very best of luck x


I did that, and even had a really positive supporting letter from my GP. They then wrote to my GP in July. I have no idea, why the evidence provided by hospitals and specilists doctors is not enough for them, and they will send their healthcare professional who has no specialist knowledge to asses you. When they rejected it originally the report said they accept I have mobility issues, but felt I needed someone with me for encouragement only. Hello, I walk with a stick and every step produces increasing pain, I have shortness of breath am exhausted sometimes after just a few steps, I stumble regular and have fallen, I experience dizzyness and disorientation and sometimes have been so spaced out and exhausted I have not been able to make it back home, and my husband or daughter have had to come and get me, so I think I need help, not encouragement.


Hi guys ,

Does anyone know how the Dla , pip , work ? I have recently won high rate mobility and care indefinite and was told by a carer , I should be left alone now til 2015 , but a friend of mine had an indefinate award 10 years now and they've just recieved the pip forms to fill in .

Any information would be grateful

C x


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