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How Do You Deal With Having Lack Of Motivation?

I am finding at the moment that the worse bit of fibro that I cannot deal with is not having any motivation to do anything. In fact, my 'get up & go', has Got Up And Gone!! Sometimes it can take half hour or more to get myself to get & go to do something like going to the toilet. Often I tell myself that if I move, then the pain will flare, so it's better to just stay sitting, or that I'll get up in the next advert break of a programme I'm watching. Does anyone else suffer like this, & what do you do to break thru'?


Julie xxx

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Oddly enough my mother was talking about this yesterday. She's had ME for many years. She said that she'd found it very easy not to move, not to leave her bed. But she did, every day she was able to because she gave herself goals. At her worst that might just be to get out of bed, move around the room or get to the sofa downstairs. Sometimes she crawled to reach places if she couldn't walk. Now, since she is better than she was back then, it means getting dressed, putting on shoes, even if she's only indoors. If she can manage it, to do a walk of any length, just so she's been outside and moved a bit.

Now I have fibro, I'm bumping in to similar issues. Although I have never been as bad as she has (hopefully never will be) I have days when I feel so bad, leaving my bed can be an issue. I have found that certain things keep me from staying there. My cats for instance. They need me to feed them, clean their tray, put fresh water down...things like that, even if that's all I manage, is still something.

Today I've had a rough day. Felt so bad, really dizzy and hurting. My kids had an eye appointment which meant I had to be dressed and drive them. I did it. I felt bloody awful but I did it anyway. I'm glad I did because it means I didn't give in or give up.

If you have no pets or children to keep you focused and motivated, find something that will give you that focus. Give yourself little goals, things to achieve, even if it's getting dressed and putting on shoes, just to move around the house. Make it a goal to walk down the garden path or to the gate or the end of the street. Just standing outside can be invigorating. Right now I'm lying in my bed (sigh) but I have a balcony door open which allows lots of fresh air into the room. Even a window thrown open can feel good.

I hope you find your focus and keep that motivation alive. :)



ladytelita is right set yourself small achievable tasks and then try and achieve them. hen I have bad days I tend to give up if I can and sit it out. Surprising what takes it away and then onwards and upwards. Focus on little things then slightly bigger things and you will find slowly it is not a problem.



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