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Early CKD and High Cholesterol

About 5 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with early stages of CKD and High Cholestrol of 7.2. Bit of a shock really to say the least, especially on top of the Fibromyalgia and other medical issues I have. I had to have a follow up blood and urine test this week. Pleased to say that I have lost a stone in weight; boy was that hard; and I need to keep going. Also my cholesterol has come down to 4.6. So really pleased with that. Blood ok, but protein in urine still high, which has to be monitored. They also did a Bence Jones Test which I am awaiting the results for. Could not understand this and do not know much about this one. Did have a quick google and it frightened the life out of me. Still will have to wait and see. On holiday for a week's break with hubby tomorrow, so perhaps find out when I get back. If anyone can enlighten me, would be grateful.

Tannels xx

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Hi tannels, I wanted to reply to you yesterday but wasn't sure what to say. You really have been dealt a bad hand haven't you, all I can say is to take it just a day at the time. I hope that as they've caught you in the early stages of CKD they can treat it so that it doesn't progress. I think the Bence Jones test is one they have to do to get the full picture of what is going on, to rule things out. The online info about the test is pretty scary, but it doesn't mean that you will have the worst prognosis, especially as they caught a hold of the problem early.

I hope you have a really good holiday with your hubby, and do let us know how you are if you can, or when you get back.

Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.

Foggy x


I was shocked when I was told I had CKD too, stage 3.

Just try not to get stressed.......ha! some chance eh?



Hiya, sorry to hear about the ckd, you don't say what stage, it starts at 1 thru to 5, although they do use the term ckd if you have a history of urine probs, so not necessarily something to start panicking about, wait for the results of your more in depth test, my husband has stage 5 and is on dialysis, I have fibro but have been cleared to donate one of my kidneys as I am a match, we are waiting for a date, to transplant, it's 10 mths since I started process and had to come off all pain meds, so it has been very difficult, trying alternative therapies, without much success,but it will be worth it. I hope ur results come back favourably, well done on the weight loss and drop in cholesterol levels too.


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