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I have had fibro for the last 4 years, well I think longer than that really

But I did not go to Doctors until 4 years ago.

My question is this, recently I have been told I also have myofacial as well

For those of you that have this the pain is underscrible as you will agree.

This is for me the second time I have had this the first time lasted a few days

This is far worse and it has been a week. Can anyone tell me if this pain gets

Better, how long is it going to last.

And what do you take for medication.

Thank you if you can answer my questions

Love viv

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Sorry to hear you are suffering I think it is one of the worst pains our brains home in on it. Pain kilers I stick to normal mix plus paracetamol 4 hourly , good luck xgins


Thank you gins, feeling a bit tearful after a week, I have been on leave this

Week so no problem but there is no way I could work with this. I think there

Goes my job


You have my upmost sympathy Vivien,I had to give up work 4 weeks ago,I couldn't cope anymore,hope you feel brighter soon xxx


Hello Della did you have this myofacial as well as fibro

And if you did have you found anything that works for

The pain, and how long does this pain last, far worse than

Fibro I think

Thank you for your reply love viv


I haven't had a direct diagnosis of myofacial but I have been diagnosed with tmj very painful condition of my jaw,was diagnosed with this before fibromyalgia it comes and goes I found Tramacet very good of which I have prescribed for the fibro now,wish I could be more helpful xxx


Thank you I don't get it in my jaw but I do get it in my face. Thank you so much viv


I have recently been diagnosed with Myofacial pain by a Rheumatologist and my gp says I also have Fibro, they are both bad but I was told to make sure to exercise only to my limits of course and to pace myself and have some rest each day too...not always easy.

I was put on Lyrica and also told to take an anti-inflammatory and Co-codamol or paracetamol for pain when needed it's a bit trial and error with the meds at the moment, the Lyrica is being increased gradually and does seem to help a bit now. I also have TMJ which doesn't give me too much pain but I have to wear a mouth guard every night when I go to bed.

Everyone is different and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. I get some (rare) good days and some bad or very bad, worse in Winter, I have under active Thyroid too and in Winter the cold doesn't help any of my conditions at all...

My gp is excellent and a great support. I feel better since being diagnosed as I now know what I am dealing with. I am out of work sick benefit at the moment but my gp thinks i should not go back as it would be too much for me.

I hope you get some relief from your pain soon by getting the right treatment sorted.


Thank you Mary I thought that the pain I was having was fibro, but after experiencing this

Dreadful pain I think this is far worse, I had

A prescription for naproxen, which did nothing

For the fibro, but helped lots with this other


Thank you viv


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