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notification box????

Hi fibro friends can someone please tell me where i go on my profile to make sure that the box is ticked to receive mail, I know I ticked it when I first joined but have a feeling I may have done something wrong and accidently unticked it, but now I cant find where the heck it is LOL was at a firbo fete and rememberd this and have spent all day looking for it so didnt get back to the fibro fete LOL seriously tho I really dont know where to look gentle hugs to all ...Dee x

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Hi there, go into your account (green bar at the top of the page) and click on email preferences, that will bring up what you are looking for to receive email notifications. Hope this helps.

Tannels x


Thank you Tannels have done that straight, the wording is different now maybe thats why I couldnt see it, well thats my excuse anyways LOL,. gentle hugs to you take care ...Dee x


Sorry you didnt make it back early enough but dont worry more escapades will be a foot that sounds so wrong. Thanks for joining in xgins


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