Is anyone being treated with out medication?

I have been to the hospital today and was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia after over 2 years fighting with my gp. Was told today that I was in the right place as the hospital I go to have a fibromyalgia department where I will be seen from now on. But I was also told that as I'm only 26 they will not treat it with meds is this normal?

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  • Hi hold you are very lucky to have a fibro dep at your hosp. I think every one is different. And are Ll at diff stages. When I was diagnosed I was already taking the meds, I think my GP had an idea just needed rheumy to confirm. Maybe this is something you need to discuss, depending on your pain and mobility. Good luck .xx hope you get the best treatment you need.

  • Yes indeed you are very lucky, as said it depends if you are in pain which I thought you would be with fybro.

  • Wow! An actual department!

    There are other ways of treating fibro, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, physio can help and a number of other approaches too. If this works for you then fantastic, it's got tobe better than shoving ever more pills down your throat which can have some alarming side effects. If, however, you are in pain and/or not sleeping, then you may need some extra help. Sometimes you can get by with over the counter medication and heat pads etc to keep it in check, sometimes not so much, which is when you need the gp to be on your side.

    Another reason they may not want to give you medication is because of your age and the possibilty of you wanting a child? You can't take lots of medication without it having a negative impact on your chances of concieving or carrying a child to term without health implications for you or your baby. I suspect that is the main reason.


  • I was taking a lot of meds when I was pregnant.I was told that apart from one of the meds I could carry on taking them but had to reduce the dose ages.Both me and my child who is five now suffered no health implications.The pain management team told me that my baby would be fine despite taking the meds I was on.Just thought I would share that as it's not always the case that taking meds can have a negative impact on what you have said ladytelita x

  • Thank you for your replies. I was very surprised to hear that the hospital has this type of service and at the moment and willing to give anything ago. This has taken over my life for over 2 years now so am pleased to finally be getting somewhere hopefully it will mean I can start enjoying things now x

  • What part of the country are you, is it a new modern hospital?

  • London Guy's hospital

  • I asked to be referred there a few years back as they have a fm/me clinic.They were really helpful there x

  • Hi there,I can't understand why being 26 has anything to do with not being treated with meds.If you have pain,sleep problems etc then medications should be prescribed to help ease your symptoms x

  • I did think that but maybe the fibromyalgia doctor will give me meds. X

  • Hello :) I'm 23 & on quite a lot of medication for pain and sleep. The clinic should be able to give you a few options x

  • I hope so. The fatigue and pain are the worse. X

  • Send me a message if you fancy a chat, were just about the same age :) would be good to tall to another young person to find out how the cope.

    C x

  • I mean talk haha :)

  • I'm 21 and I'm on meds so age should not be a problem. If your in pain they should give you meds xx

  • Hey Hols, just seen your post. I am 27 and have been on amitriptelyne since I was 25. I've not heard of an adult being too young for meds. Take care xxoxo

  • Thank you. I am on amitriptyline but the doc said this is the last time his giving it to me as the hospital need to treat me xx

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