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Living with FMS

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 8 years ago.I am continuously haunted by the unbearable pain, the swollen stiff joints, the continuous fatigue and worse of all; depression. All of this has not been helped by the fact that I had a traumatised childhood and teenage, well, and adulthood years!!

Doctors have been to say the least unhelpful. Firstly, pinning the pain o the way I feel and later on FMS.

In my experience,coping with FMS comes from within. I started therapy 5 years ago, mainly to deal with past trauma. I went through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT and counselling. These helped me in recognising my thought processes as well as coping and dealing with pain.

It hurts emotionally when you are unable to do the most basic activity; taking care of your baby, cooking dinner, even getting dressed.

When you are unable to concentrate enough to answer a question, getting a job becomes a very difficult task.

I do sympathise with people trying to do their jobs and work on their relationships and live with FMS. I even sympathise more with people who are trying to get a job and form relationships as well as coping with FMS.

My thoughts are not well organised but I wanted to share something with you as this is my first day on this community.

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thank you for your kind words.Reflexology helps me a lot when I manage to have it. specially when I have it regularly


In the USA it is thought the onset of FM could be from a trauma,or a virus that has never left the body.The trauma can be from years past,its like going into shock much later after the trauma.

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Hi , one thing I have found very recently is to be kind to myself, and try accept this horrible illness, I am trying not to think of all the things that I can't do anymore and try not to be so angry with myself for being ill , if that makes sense.It's not easy ....but I am trying to accept, not give up by any means .I hope this makes sense :)

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Welcome, my fibromyalgia has been caused by my childhood trauma. I am hoping as the EMDR works that the fibromyalgia will ease off. At the moment it seems to be fighting back. Whenever the fibro flares it reminds me of my trauma so getting the pain under control is a priority to me.

Hope you find the help you need here.


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