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At last!

Got to see the consultant. She's leaving and that's why it was all a mess. Just lucky she agreed to see me.

She agrees with my gp, right hand CRPS following op. in December. The answer? Are you ready for this? It's called Mirror Therapy - never heard of it. :) Apptment next Tuesday. The idea is to fool the brain into believing the right hand is the same in size, shape and functionality as the left! I cannot wait to find out what that entails! I think by now I'm ready to try any crazy, crackpot suggestion they make, and now I am also prepared to look the fool should it actually work! :) :) Anyone had this?

Also, will receive apptment for Isotope Bone Scan. They said I've had it before but I have no memory of it. Online it just talks about cancer, which I dont have, so I'm not sure what it does. Waiting to talk to gp, if anyone can explain please do. At the same time, will have an infusion to help the body relax a bit, make it more comfortable to move around. Just feel a bit flu-like for a few days. I can live with that!

I was thinking (yes it has been known :)) none of this may make any difference. Much as they would like to help, sometimes they cant. But it does help me mentally if we can give something, anything! a go. Magic potion anyone? Tulip :) xx

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Very interesting I have CRPS in my left ankle and osteo arthritis's a totally different shape to my right ankle .. I notice they say it will fool your brain into thinking you hand will be the right size shape and functionality ... But what about the pain????? I can't criticise I spent months stretching my neck with weights over a door as recommended by rheummy no 2 rheummy no 3 nearly fell off his chair laughing ... Sometimes I wonder how we stay alive despite these " experts" best efforts to kill us off..

Good luck with everything

VG x


A ha! Thought you had gotten rid of me did you? :) It's taken me 2 days to get back in to the site, like the new set up. Um yes... I think the principle of Mirror Therapy (my gp didn't know either) is if the brain still thinks my hand is 'sick', hoping to make it well again by telling 'it' (ie. my brain) it is the same as the other side and the pain relating to CRPS will go! Ok, ok, I hear the laughter :) and I'm with you! What worries me, if we imagine for a moment that it works, my left hand isn't great either and also needs carpal tunnel op. + I have RA in both hands as well. I will keep you all posted! Entertainment is at a premium these days. :)

VG Did your rheummy no. 2 have any training in the Caribbean? Just wondered :) Tulip xx


Tulip sounds amazing they decided y big foot was lymphodema but mirrors would be much more fun good luck xgins


I have an apptment next Tuesday, & i'll let you know what happens! :) Tulip xx


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