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Yipee Thank God,at last I`m gong on holday for a few days

Hi fibro friends. Well coming to end of my tether and desperate for a break, and NOW i AM GOING TO GET ONE. A friend of mine in Lancing , has offered us a flat for a week, [ at no cost, as she comes and stays with me at no cost] from this weekend, Oh how I need that break, as I have my replacement joint on my hand done in a couple of weeks,and know I won`t be able to use my hand after that for some time. The trouble is, we have 2 dogs and a cat which we have to board if we go away, and it cost £230 so going on holiday and paying that is just not on right now, so this is a God send . I`m hoping to use my laptop whilst I am away, and keep in touch with what is goin on with all my Fibro friends, but if I can`t, I will let you know how I got on when I get back. Lots of love to you all, hoping you all keep well, and not in too much pain, will be thinking about you and sending lots of good thoughts, I don`t know what I would have done without you, so a big THANKYOU. hUGS TO EVERYONE

Lyndia x

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Enjoy yourself xx


I hope you have a lovely break xxx


Enjoy Lyndia xxx


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