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Got DLA forms just before it changed to PIP, help received from DIAL to complete it

Hi Everyone

Well this morning i am feeling a little less stressed out now, thank you to a lovely lady named Sharon from Barnsley DIAL, who visited me this morning to help me complete the dreaded DLA forms.

I contacted DWP for the DLA forms just before the new forms for PIP came into force, so this will be a claim for DLA, anyway i was totally confused and didnt know which way to turn until someone told me to phone DIAL and someone would help me, so i did and the lovely Sharon paid me a visit this morning, she completed the forms and gave me some very useful advice and explained loads of things to me.

To cut a long story short, i am currently on ESA and after a medical with atsos over 8 months ago i was placed in the support group, because of severe depression and having a total thyroidectomy, they have since sent me a further questionaire which i completed and then got a letter saying i was still in the support group. But since this last questionaire i have finally been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was told to apply for DLA, however i wasnt too sure if i would be able to apply but i phoned DWP and they sent me the forms out. Then the confusion sent in :-( Thank the lord for Sharon she has been this morning helped me with the forms & said i must inform her weather or not i will get any DLA and if there is anything else i would like help with no matter how small it is i have to contact her which i thought was really nice of her. She did say because ive got a letter already from my Gp & are already placed in the support group i stand a good chance but like i said to her nothing is straight forward for me lmao. How many of you have been successful ???? I didnt even know i could claim DLA so if i dont get it my way of thinking oh well, how many of you have had to go to a tribual and is it worth it ???????? i get really upset & very ill when i have to go anywhere so i dont really know if i could handle it all.

Sorry for going on a bit and if some off it dont make much sense,i often think what i want to put but it never comes across like it Gentle Hugs to you all xxx

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Really hope you get it and great that you found one of the free support groups that are out there to help you fill it in and is interested to hear how you get on...

I do get dla .. Not much but it helps ... I have always done my own forms but I am used to them cos I have done my sons for so many years ... But it still takes me ages as I am slower than I used to be ... Lol never thought I would say that in my 40s ...

Fingers crossed for you

VG x


ive an appointment tommoro with the council on disability people to start filling in the dreaded review dla forms which is up for review in November ive been down this path twice before the first time it was denied and went to tribunial I was awarded high mobility and low care,the second time it was stopped and I had to appeal again I spent 6mths on just the normal rate for unemployed ! which made me have to go bankrupt at the tribunial that time was awarded low rate mobility (even though can hardly walk and get increasing pain when I do )and middle rate care as I have mentel health problems I recently applied for a change of the mobility rate back to high im still waitng to hear meanwhile they send the review form to say I am absoloutly terrified is an understatement and to top things of just received a letter from council refusing me a discreachanary payment to help with the bedroom tax which I am now in debt with I honestly don't know how much more I can take of all this all I want is a quite life with just enough to get by on I feel like a scrounger begging for help its so blooming degrading.


Thank you VG for your reply hun i will defo keep you all informed and i would just like to say what a brillant site this is and thank you to each & everyone of you for your helpful advice xxx


Oh munchkin62

I really feel for you hun, i really do i wouldnt be able to cope with what you have been through. I am very new to this and i didnt know where to start so i am really glad i have Sharon from DIAL, i hope you get it all sorted hun and please let me know how you get on love or if you just want a natter please feel free to inbox me. Sending you very gentle hugs xxx


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