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I may be fit for work!!!!

Well, I have just been told that, after being re-assessed for DLA, that I will continue to receive the same DLA benefits, and they are happy that I am getting the correct amount of benefit and at the correct level. (High rate care and high rate mobility) Relief was however short lived! As I also get Incapacity Benefit, I have now received a letter, and also had a phone call from the DWP to say I will be receiving a form from them to to fill in, to see if I am fit for work!!!. At the moment I am on indefinate incapacity benefit, but this may now change......I can't see how I can work!!!! Oh well its in gods hands, but any help filling out this new form when it arrives would be greatly appreciated.

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If you email stating which ESA form you have been sent Emma can send you out the updated sheets to help you fill the forms in

VG x


Hubby was changed from long term incapcity to ESA and got put straight into suppirt group with no medical or review for three years. He got contribution and incime based ESA. I assume its because incapacity is taxed so his NI was paid all these yrs. Just glad we got some income based so can get his 21 tabs a day free. Still awaiting his meducal for his DLA check he is getting the right amount. He gets high mobility but no care but has since got congenative memory disorder and in wheelchair/ leg braces si needs 24 hr care but i had never applied for care. Anyway we were told 6th march ATOS would be in touch re medical...still waiting lol


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