Should I appeal again

Since applying for ESA filling in forms and being sent for a medical which I got no points. I appealed and some time later about three months I got a letter saying the decision had been changed and I have been put in the work related group. I have not heard from the job centre about going to see them.

I now have been diagnosed with Severe Fibromyalgia and have to take two lots of morphine every day along with a handful of tablets and I was thinking how do I go about getting put into the support group, as it doesn't look like i will be able to go back to work

I am scared if I write to them they might put me back down to the assessment rate and as I have already used up the years ESA from my contributions and I am now on income based ESA might the money stop?

Has anyone on hear tried to move groups and is it worth doing. As a single mum of a teenage daughter I really can't risk my money being stopped.

Also has anyone who has the same diagnosis and on similar tablets claimed DLA and won.

Please help

Many thanks


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  • Hi Caroline I am afraid I can't answer the ESA question but I can answer the dla question . You can claim dla or pip whichever it is In your area if you work or if you don't its a totally seperate non taxable benefit.. If you get the form to fill in you can email and put the title dla or pip and Emma will send you out relevant sheets to help you fill the form in

    Good luck

    VG ...

  • Thanks I think I will do as applying for DLA as I have nothing to lose.

  • it took me 4 years to get dla. apparently i filled the forms in wrong ??. anyways im now in receipt of dla, it was a battle but good luck. i had a nice lady at the local jo centre help me.

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