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ESA Question


For those on ESA, particularly those who have been re-assessed did you get the same result again. Am in support group but have now been sent another form to fill in ( like I have had a miraculous cure) and despite nothing changing in terms of the severity of my conditions or medication, I am very worried that I will not be lucky next time. How did you fare, did you get a better result, the same or was it worse?. Thanks.

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Hi Silverstar have you checked with Emma at she will help with applications - advice excellent pointers in the right direction.. Good luck xgins


Hello Silverstar,


We at, FibroAction can provide you with the Benefits & Work Guides and these may be of help for you in the process of applying for these benefits. Please email for the guides. We hope these will help with the claim and the stress you are experiencing at this time.

Here is the Benefits & Work website

Many Thanks

Emma :)



I am already a member of benefits and work website thanks.


i was in the work related and someone filled my forms in for me , i won and got put in the support group , i have to pay 30% of my backpay but it was worth every penny. i was worried sick and he did everything for me . its his job so he knows what hes doing


Hi All.

Any recommendations from members about independently run companies via external websites that can help you with Benefit Claims may have Terms & Conditions involved to further assist you with your claim.

Please can you consider all options available to you to assist you to make an informed choice taking into account all the pros & cons. For your information, No Win, No Fee means if you win the case a fee will be charged, please check with these companies what this will be so you are aware before committing yourself to use the service.

As per our guidelines below,


FibroAction cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites

We would like to suggest you consider researching all options before making any final decisions

All the best with your Benefit Claim


Sorry I don't understand how if you were in the work related group and you appealed and won and were put into the support group how come you had to repay any money as the support group pays more than the work group. I am asking this as i am in the work group and now I have been diagnosed I want to claim again or appeal to be put into the support group as I am not going to get any better but I do t know how to do it

Thanks for reading Caroline x


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