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Advice on how best to request a reconsideration on ESA decision please?

Good morning all! I am new to this site and have recently been placed in the WRAG group of ESA having transferred from Incapacity benefit. I believe I should be in the Support Group as a result of incontinence issues. Am I best to ask for a reconsideration over the phone or in writing do you think? I have already obtained a copy of the medical report and according to that there is no evidence of incontinence despite the fact I clearly stated that I had to change my clothing at least 2-3 times a week as a direct result (blushing in shame as I type).

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

I have been reading blogs and questions on here for a couple of weeks now and just want to say a huge thank you to all who have helped fellow sufferers along the way.

Many thanks in advance.

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Good afternoon to you Tiggy.

You need a GL24 form which you can get from your JC, or download one online, to start an appeal. Once complete, hand it in to your JC.


Hi you can phone them up and asked for them to reconsider if that doesnt work you have four weeks to apeal that what i did and i got it love carol


I am in the process of asking for a reconsideration from WRAG to SG and I have been informed by the JCP that it has to be in writing, stating why you think you should be in the SG, It's not an appeal as such YET as they have not refused you, ring your JCP that you will be going for the interview and ask them for the address you should write to, I did and they did they gave me the address so I am in the waiting oom so to speak, I hope this helps you Mrs Tiggywinkle x


Thank you for all the replies!! I will call the office which issued the letter tomorrow and take it from there. Thank you to everyone x


pleased I could help sometimes just having other people with a little advice can make the world on your shoulders a little lighter

Best wishes and I hope you get the change from WRAG to SG


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