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Ya know i really try to help myself with this fibro but you just cant win my head has felt horrible the couple of weeks like a tight band all around my head and now i cant stop crying for no other reason than this DAM fibro im sick of it, i can just be standing there doing something not thinking about anything really and i can feel it hit me like someone has switched the light off in my head and terrible feeling descends me my head really hurting all around the top my eyes are red raw like 2 little slits i take depression tablets but they are not helping its coming on to much of late i cant go and see my doctor i dont like people seeing me like this i just want it to stop and let me live my life. xxx

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It sounds like a tension headache bought on by the stress of your fibro... I get these regularly and are so painful.. No ordinary headache tablets will get rid of it... I really urge you to go to your GP about these... I did after 10 weeks of suffering ...why did I wait so long ... I was an idiot ... He gave me low dose diazepam to take when ever they get too bad and within two or three days they are gone ... And I stop taking the diazepam ..... Such a simple solution and I suffered needlessly for weeks

please get your GP to check you out and you could get it sorted so easily

Good luck

VG x


Thank you i thought it was the depression xx


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