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Full fat milk!!

I don't really drink milk, I just have skimmed with my breakfast. I have tried Coconut milk, but it just doesn't go with readybrek!!!!

At the weekend my son had a shakeaway which was basically a strawberry milkshake.....I drank quite a lot of it without thinking as it was lush, however jesus I then suffered a really awful Flare up. I know when the weather gets colder many of us suffer more, however I just wonder whether the milkshake could have had something to do with it???

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Cheers Lynn, so no more milkshakes for us then!!!!!!!

I'll stick to my peppermint tea and water.....but I do fancy a can of coke right now...not venturing out in this cold weather though!! xx


I'm presently under the care of a specialist IBS dietician.

It may be helpful for you to look up FODMAP on the internet.

In terms of managing some cream but not milk, the best way to descibe this is as an old fashioned milk bottle. When the bottle has been left to settle for a while, the cream comes to the top of the bottle. This cream has a lower lactose content then the milk below it. Anything made from this cream is safer than that below it, which is why butter can be ok in small quantities but yoghurts may not.

I hope that makes sense and can help :)


I have been told i should avoid dairy as much as possible. Not so much because of FM flare ups but because of the IBS. When the IBS kicks in, the FM gets worse. I haven't touched dairy in over a year and my IBS, which was unbearable before, is now well under control. So one less thing to worry about. Try soya milk with coffee and tea and rice milk with your cereal and for cooking. It tastes much better than milk. I couldn't imagine going back!


Thanks guys for your advice. Funnily enough I have just met with friends, so thought I would try a skinny latte....and OMG I couldn't home fast enough!!!

I am gonna lay off the milk......

I have read that Soya is not good for us FM sufferes so I stear clear of that.

I've also eaten more in the last day than I have eaten in the last week and maybe that has had some effect??? Grrrrrrrr!!!!!! x


I've been following a dairy/wheat/gluten free after reading up on fatigue problems, it does help with my fatigue and has cut my irritable stomach down a lot. I follow a lot of the stone age diet advice Dr Myhill gave out on her site.


I didn't know that I was sensitive to dairy but I was given an avoidence diet a year ago and it has now become vey obvious.... So now I drink soya......and they have good soay milkshake....and ice cream.....and it tastes better in decaf coffee!!!!


Food intolerances can cause similar issues to Fibro and may well be worse when the FIbro is out of control, because your body will over-react to any stimuli (so something that you might normally be fine with in not-excessive quantities might then set off a reaction). Dairy products are a common IBS trigger as the proteins can be hard for humans for digest - it is usually the proteins that is the issue, not the lactose though.

FWIW caffeine is also a common IBS trigger. And you want to limit your caffeine consumption with Fibro otherwise it will play into the autonomic over-stimulation and worsen your sleep further. So if you're not in control of your Fibro, a dairy milk coffee is pretty bad all round!

Soya can be fine for people with Fibro and IBS - I am absolutely fine with it myself. But it's another thing that people can be individually intolerant to.


oooops i drink alot of full fat milk maybe i should switch xxx


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