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PIP Consultation Document on Moving Around Criteria Now Available

Here is the consultation document :

Please take time to read & have your say about the mobility criteria for receipt of Enhanced Rate PIP.

Consultation closes 5 August 2013 - please use this to have your voice heard!

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Hi Lima

I read through at a gentle pace and I believe it offers those with real difficulties the same as before. People who are able to move about readily easily will not however be suitable for making a claim.

To my mind it is a fair way of working out what is what. Does anyone else have thoughts on the discussion? It is important that we take notice now before it is too late, gins


It does read a bit like that but I would urge everyone who already gets either of the DLA Mobility awards (and those who have difficulty with mobility but not needing financial help now but may in future) to have their say on this. It is very important that as many as possible have their say so the DWP can't turn round & say there was a poor response.


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