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on the beach

had a nice dog walk to my local beach today.normally we get within 100yrds and my dog will freak out and refuse to go any further,today must have been a better day for him,he actually went on the beach and had a good run around in and out of the water.annie had a great time too but me -I could barely walk home.we walk there at least twice a week but the last few trips something bothered him and he wouldnt go near the beach.i think its just the big waves when tide Is coming in!

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Nice to hear you are getting out and about ... And such a nice walk on the beach


Vg x


I am very jealous my dog sussie would love to join you :) xgins


I love walking on the beach - it's even more fun with a dog, but as you say they are not too keen on big waves! It's good that you enjoyed yourself out in the fresh air :)

Moffy x


I can cope with a longish morning walk but need my dogs to pull me up any slope/hill and walking on sand is not easy. would love to have sussie join us.when I get home absolutely shattered.


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