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atoz are crap

so this morning my very thin brown envelope arrived according to them im getting nothing for either care or mobility as I am fit to do everything, even thoe 4 years ago I was given ow rate care for by fibro and artherituz now they say I can do it all well guess what mrs atoz non medical lady you aint ment me yet but you will have my appeal within the month as my condition is no better it is worse and if you think you can take away the low rate pittance you have given me for the last 4 years then think again im coming to get you as for my gp I she thinks there is nothing wrong with me then expect a visit from me every week when I have a different problem from now on im coming down to you for every minor and major illness I have then we will see if you think im ok. it took me 8 years to get my low rate and although not happy with it I excepted it to now take it away from me and tell me im fit and healthy arrrrh im not laying down and excepting it, I need help starting on Monday when I get the energy back you have just drained from me I will be doing my appeal and expect the biggest package from me as im going to send you so much information I have so you can spend a week reading it and I wont give up so you can say no as may times as you like im going to appeal and appeal and appeal until you give me back what you gave me how the hell do you make a decision on all the information I gave you when you are a non medical person you have no f..king idea MRS BRANCH WHO THE HELL ARE YOU

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I get so mad that so many are going through this madness. Sadly I know so many people who are claiming disability allowance and are fitter than most of us. It's time they sought out the malingerers and looked after the ones that need it.


I agree I just cant see how they can take away what they have given you for the last 4 years when your conition is worse not better just makes me mad and to top it of the letters always seam to arrive on a Saturday when you cant do anything well there phone will be ringing at 8am Monday so I hope they are ready for me, told my hubby I will need to get up at 6am just so im awake and ready to start the appeal. well first you have to rg them and ask them to re look at the decision but in the mean time I am getting as much info together ready for the appeal as I expect it will go that way, doctors call is second on my list ready to ask for my information so I can make copies of everything just gets my goat as there are so many peope I know who are claiming and are out clubbing and shopping every day I wish I coud leave my house but I get as far as the gate on my own and I can feel my heart racing. im just so mad I thank god for this site so I can just rant my anger and I know I wont up set anyoe.


hi,i went through the same thousands of others..i put in a complaint to ATOS and recieved an oplogy,and they wrote to DWP telling them NOT to use that assesment in making a decision..and guess what??? the next two letters of refusal were based on...yep you guessed it..THE ORIGINAL MEDICAL ASSESMENT!!! if you message me i will give you a link to the man who helped me..he took all stress and worry away and does everything for you,even represents you at tribunal! please just message me..i am NOT on commision! lol..i said i would tell everyone and thats what im


My boyfriend appealed as I pushed him to (he was only in receipt of ESA Credits as war pension is too much) I felt he has the ability to withstand the crap and he should fight for those that cannot. His attitude was why fight I am only getting credits and by time I am able to get a pension there won't be one.

Anyway at my pushing he went along with it and appealed.

So after many months the appeal papers sent through and the total lies by the ATOS person have made him really angry and I think at last he realises what I have been saying is true.

He has one fused wrist and one pinned both cannot be bent, he also has totally useless fingers due to Arthritis and a replacement knee but the other needs doing.

The report states he has full flexibility in his wrists and fingers and there are no problems with his knees at all and that he is fit to work. Good one.

So now he is angry and prepared to take on ATOS.


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