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Second arrow

Hi, I am on a solitary retreat at a friend's house while is is away. The first two days I could do nothing but sleep. It was as though someone switched me off.

I wanted to tell you all about the second arrow.

Very often we (metaphorically) get shot by an arrow, it hurts. But then it can be as though we have been shot again, this time it is all our own doing, what our mind is telling us, " oh, poor me I have been shot, it hurts, it will take ages to get better, I won't be able to whatever," we build it up in our heads. So when we become aware of the first arrow, look out for the second and divert it.

Love Anandavajri.

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I think there is a lot in what you say, Anandavajri.

There is the pain that we suffer, then the fear of that pain, which can be just as disabling and depressing.

I'm not saying that fibro pain is 'all in the mind' as I know to my cost that it isn't, but there's no doubt that a positive attitude towards dealing with that pain can greatly improve quality of life!

Moffy x


I definately think my sleeping - or lack of it has a bit of this in it. I genuinely can't sleep a lot of the time, but then I know how powerful fear of not sleeping is to blocking sleep. I hope you have very few arrows today x


Thank you, afraid the first arrow hit but I am staying positive. X


If it were recognised that we have good days and bad days, it would be so much easier - the trouble is - generally we look so well - this pain does not show - and so we are misunderstood. Some days I can divert that second arrow - but some days I am already too weak from the first..but I know exactly what you mean and I will not let the second arrow cause a fatal wound x


Very well said x yes I agree x

In fact sometimes that second arrow is more painful than the first. Keeping things in perspective is a big part of my tool kit along with pacing and diet.

There's nothing so damaging as an attack of the poor me's x


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