Health Tribunal ....HELP !!!!

My wife is due to attend a tribunal against the decision by Atos or DWP or some other Fascist group. We need some help in what to say and what not to say......we live in darkest Cornwall and I cannot raise Citizen's advice on telephone and there is no email address ( have made a complaint )... Plymouth , our nearest city , is a 70 mile round trip + parking charges etc and we are both unable to walk , any advice or help , please.

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  • full facts website

  • Sorry do not understand this a website address ?

  • Yes look on website also a discussion went on about this 6 days ago pondmstral had all info wish I had known about it.


  • hi please message me and i will help you xxx

  • hi,i just want say it was my tribunal yesterday but didn't feel i would win and not been well of late to deal with it and was so stressed about it all so i got in touch with Liam cater thanks pondminstrel hes been so prompt we got it adjourned for Liam to take over hes really helpful .so good luck xx

  • hi i am so happy for you ..he is fantastic,thanks for letting me know,please keep me updated,you can message me if you like,he will take all worry and stress away from you...xxxxxxxx

  • thank you .the stress melted away when i contacted him .we need all the help we can get for the amount of lies Atos tell .i will be in touch thanks xx

  • hi i am so happy that you contacted him....and i was right wasnt i? he is fantastic..if you want to message me just to chat that would be great..please keep me posted xx

  • Thank you will do xx

  • Try Liam Carter send him a Pvt message - he specialises in this and is really fast at responding

  • ID cjw064

  • Don't forget to tell them how your wife's illness is affecting her mentally ...depression, self-confidence & low self-esteem. This helped my case. good luck x

  • hi..i found when i started to tell liam my health problems...he knew what i had before i told him!!...hes good!! xxxx

  • Thanks , will do

  • i am soo pleased that people are contacting liam!!! i told him i would spread the word and by gum i think i have!...if i every need to have dealings with DWP...ATOS..i will be contacting liam straight away!!..xxxx i feel so happy to think other people are going to feel like i did after talking to

  • Thanks

  • Hello All ,

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