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I have returned from a visit to the vascular surgeon

This is the guy in charge of my lymphodema. Took all of 5 mins he is happy with my legs so I will see him at Christmas. Lots of smiles all round, not sure he knew what I was talking about with the Harpenden Wraps he went all vague - these are english farrow wraps. I am know shattered ,it is humid. Weary still that is usual and who ever you see you wind your self up in order to go and worry about what will happen.

Oh the Sun has his hat on I shall sit in the garden Have a god day guys xgins

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Welcome back gins ... How nice to have someone happy with your legs .... Are you happy with your legs .... If not .. We can swap ... I am looking like chewbacca from the knees down ... Looks at razor... Looks at garden shears ... Decides to spend the day on a sheep shearing farm .... :o


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