one week no tears


Just thought | would keep you updated. The fluoxetine must be working a bit no tears for a week thank goodness. I am paying in other ways though. Headache, dizzy, dry mouth worse and swallowing short of air, twitches, shakes this is to name but a few.

Is anyone else suffering these reactions.going to see psychiatrist tomorrow so hope he got some answers.

Hope everyone has a reasonable day.


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  • Personally I would check with your GP that this anti depressant suits you ... There are lots to try .. Fluoxetine was one that did not agree with me ... It gave me jaw spasms to the point where I couldn't open my mouth ... Everyone reacts differently, but the difficulty swallowing and shortness of breath sounds a little worrying .... Maybe you could phone after surgery ends and speak to your GP and he might say its normal or he might want to try you on another one

    Good luck for tomorrow

    VG x

  • Hi Very Grumpy

    Have already done this been told to stick with it. Have sensitivity problems with anti depression tablets. Had so many different ones its untrue. Venlafaxine,Citalopram and Duloxetine are the ones I had the least side effects. After a while they did not work as well so psychiatrist changed them so see him tomorrow and going to tell him I want to try going back on one of those as cannot stand the headaches with this. Thanks for all your help and kind words they do make a difference,


  • Have you tried dosulepin its the one I can tolerate and I am very sensitive to meds ... My lists of allergies is ridiculous... Of course it may not suit you but I have no side effects from this one at all...

    VG x

  • Hi Very Grumpy

    Thanks for information I will mention this to the psychiatrist when I go tomorrow its really bad when you are so sensitive to medication. Dull headache has started again seems to be there all the time then just gives me a blast. This terrible exhaustion is really getting me down. I need to get out but cant as I feel so unbalanced. Hey ho thanks for your support

    I greatly appreciation it.

    Kind regards and hugs

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