DDA 1995 - Is Fibromayalgia covered by this act??

Hi, I have a couple of quick questions, that I hope all you lovely ladies and gents can help me with!! Does anyone know if fibromyalgia is covered by the DDA Act. Just wondered if this was something I could use in my application for benefits. Also, does anyone know about the legal aspects of benefits being stopped without having rec'd any letters or prior notification?? This issomething that happened to me. My ESA benefit stopped last may without me receiving any letters/phone calls etc. If anyone has any thoughts on these questions, I would very greatful!! Many thanks, and I hope you all have a pain free day. xxx

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  • Suggest Google ' Definition of Disability Under Equality Act 2010 '.

    Citizens Advice Bureau may be a good place to start for legal questions.

    Best I can do for today. :)

  • Hello Cutebird,

    Please can I link you to 2 threads which have the answers to your question about DDA act and which may be of interest to you.

    Firstly this thread,


    & secondly this thread about DWP recognising Fibro


    I hope this helps

    Emma :)

  • Hi, thanks for your help, I shall look at these links today, and see if they help.cutebird x

  • Your welcome :)

  • Morning,

    The DWP are not supposed to stop a benefit without good cause and if they intend to they are supposed to write to you in advance explaining the reason why (except in instances of fraud!). This will give the opportunity to appeal their decision and also ask for a written reason as to why they are doing this...

    Liam Carter

    Senior Case Manager

    My Benefit Claim

  • Hi, thanks for our answer, that is very helpful.

  • I have been off part time work for over 4 months & had to be evaluated through work, the report they sent back to work was as fibromyalgia is covered under the DDA they can not dismiss me as it would be unlawful.

  • Hi Walnut whip, thanks for that, it's really useful to know that, particularly as I've got my tribunal date coming up on the 25th June. Wish me luck, and thanks again. Loads of love, Liz x

  • Hey Liza, I really wish you look, I have a feeling I will be using it too in the near future. I really hope it works for you. Good luck. Tracy.xx

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