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I'm back!

Disappeared for ickle while as i've been too stressed with whole esa 365 day rubbish. But, I got dreaded brown envelope after sending three letters asking what was happening next month whrn benefits stopped.

And, here I do my happy happy little dance. I am now in the support group finally! Phew. Can kind of relax a little now.

Also had bloods done to find out why I have felt so crappy for months. Spoke to my lovely gp on phone yesterday, as couldnt get apt till july! Turns out I have vit d deficiency, cant say i'm surprised after reading blogs here. Its amazing how much it can affect you isnt it? Painful joints, tiredness, etc. just waiting for the meds to arrive now as couldnt go get them hoping for improvement once start on them. Gp said that alot of people are suffering at moment. Guess that'll be the rough winter/spring we've had.

So good news for a change. Just got to get them to increase benefit to support level, heyho!

Hugs and smiles


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Welcome back Snowbell,

It is always good to hear some happy news. So right about the Vitamin D levels what a spring we have had - no sun just wet squelch. I do hope everyone has more sun today it is so good for us. That does not mean rush out and get sun burnt take precautions! xgins


Well done, Snowbell - that must be a real weight off your mind! :)

Moffy x


Thanks guys. Now I can concentrate on getting better. Did think it was a fibro flare that was making me feel rough, then I thought was imagining it. Its good to know its vit d deficiency. Be nice to feel better, well as better as you can with fibro and everything else!xx


i have found with the vit d tablets if you have a magnesium as well helps,,i take one of each befor i get out of bed,,helps a bit. x


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