Somebody else put this on here a few days ago I wanted to implore those who are struggling with Bedroom Tax ESA/DWP/DLA problems then please have a look on this site, invaluable practical help. The picture/icon is a white figure with red boxing gloves on (days ago I thought it was a white figure with red hearts - since booked an eye test!) you'll lose nothing by looking xx

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  • Thanks for that. I'm fortunate that it doesn't affect me but I have a few friends that it does. I'll direct them th o this fb page. Becky x

  • can you please direct me to this page as i ma reallystruggling to pay my rent and every thing else. i go without food 2/3 times a week and it as not helped me get any better but what can you do they cut my disability to the low rate and i have to pay for my son to come to help me he is a lone parent and he does his best, and i have to keep money to have someone to take me to hospital and other appointments,

  • Have you got Facebook on your phone? If so go to the very top left hand corner of the page, it'll say search ( I had to get my 18 yr old son to show me!) Then type in fight back. There will be a picture of someone wearing red boxing gloves. There are several other sites entitled "fight back" . Hope you find it ok. Becky. X

  • Hi Mo

    I follow the group on Facebook and have read some very sad stories. I feel deeply concerned for the poor man who has put himself on hungerstrike to try highlight the devastation people like Atos bring to vulnerable people who have no support from families etc. This Government has so much to answer for but they really dont care. All they worry about is themselves & their big fat bank accounts which they get from the poor & needy. It makes me so angry!!

    Jackie :(

  • can,t find this page, have put in for discretionary payment with the council and have been told they are 1 month behind but it has been 2 months now so what do i do.

  • I went onto Facebook and typed in Fightback on search a few different ones come up but the one you want is a little icon with a white figure wearing red boxing gloves x

  • its a very good site and also 4up is a good site tooxx

  • Thank goodness a few of you did find it I have been keeping a low profile since suggesting it as loads of people couldn't. Find it I I became paranoid thinking they thought I was a fool.

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