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I went to the docs this morning. I told him how poorly I've been feeling and showed him the lesions all over my body and be looked in myopathy and scalp and decided to giver antibiotics and a cream and a special wash cream as some of them are infected.

I have to go back in 3 weeks and then he's taking some blood and sending me to see a I'm none the wiser really! Xx

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  • Well good to know something is being done

    Hope this helps to clear them up

    Vg x

  • Well see how you go this concoction.

    Hopefully it will clear up in the next three weeks, which is a strong possibility

    Fingers crossed Charlii

    Bibi x

  • Hi charli have you taken pictures of your lesions?

  • I hope you get some relief now and are feeling better soon...

  • Good luck with everything Charlii, I hope you get an appointment realy quickly. In the meantime hopefully the creams will give you some relief. Fingers crossed for you.

    Becky. Xx

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