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Ok not been on a while so much going on. Anyone else with facial Tm that's intense then goes then comes back also planter fasciitis


2011 is really when it started sharp stabbing seconds that seemed forever blocking out the world for moments, then 2012 was more intense dull then this year it is so so intense I did not want to deal with anyone.

I had been away long wkend well needed break with friends.

Woke up nasty stinging burning in base skull then forehead, took pills then had a drive home 2 & half drive on motorways non stop after a while things started to happen then I got home was fine for half hour then BAM wow it stayed too but hard to explain as it would get stronger then fade on/off .

My foot is just added to it had for wks but not too severe and now its got worse, Dr says will go bit the information tells me slightly different what she gave me .

Everyone is different I know that.

The dr is not sure what to do as I am at limit with lyrica and pain relief so suggested amitryptiline which I cannot take I was taken off, also allergic to anti inflamatories , so I suggested a glass of wine lol and yep so long as do not over do it then I am fine so last night ahhh but ouch !!!

Ps I have all info on both I really want to just communicate with others

Any other sufferers cxx

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sorry you are having to deal with all that. No advice but just sending you a gentle hug


Hi faircazzie,

Are you reffering to Temporal Mandible Pain. If so I know how you feel my head face and jaw is killing me at minute :( Sorry although i've had this for about a year I havn't figured any ways of releiving pain yet. According to info I have on it says limiting jaw activity and ibuprofen is supposed to help, but I think you said you can't take anti-imflamitaries - I don't find any of my pain releif inc ibuprofen touches it - another thing need to speak with docs about:)

Oobs x


I also have chronic plantar fasciitis that has not resolved with injections or foot inserts. I was told that if they failed, the only option was to have the plantar muscle cut in my feet, but he did not recommend this because the success rate is low, and there can be nasty complications, and it can make it worse. I was told to take pain killers, keep off my feet, as much as possible, and live with it. It does not always go. Your doctor is wrong. In many cases, it can become Chronic e.g. long-term, and be permanent. Keep off your feet, as much as possible. The longer you stand, and the longer you walk, the condition gets worse with time spent on your feet. Ibuprofen can work for some people, but not for all, and being on ibuprofen long-term is not good for you. Painkillers do not always help this condition.

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