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The appeal and tribunal process...soul destroying!!

Received a letter at the end of last week saying that the appeal had been upheld and it was now going to a tribunal and I would receive a letter from them next!! Now I can't even make head nor tails of the letter I have received saying that the appeal has been upheld but what I can understand is that the doctor who did the home visit has blatantly lied. She said I had full movement in my back and arms, could walk 200 metres where in reality she saw me take about 6 steps, I can make a full meal if everything is too hand (which I can't), nothing about the swelling in my legs and feet, or the restricted movement of my neck, the inability to lift my legs as she requested and many other be honest the last week i've been on antibiotics and steroids due to a chest infection and the last thing I now want is to have another hurdle to try and naviagate so for me I think I may just give it up as another bad experience!! Rant over xx

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I am sorry to hear this. Was she from ATOS? Were you unable to attend a medical at the ATOS centre? I failed on points at my medical (ESA) and haven't heard anything since I wrote in to appeal with medical evidence etc etc. If it goes to tribunal - make sure you attend. More people win if they see the judge in person. Put everything you dispute in writing now, before you forget. I wish you all the best x


Hi kiera2002 i failed my atos medical and appealed write down( if you can everything) that was wrong in the meeting that you dont agree with.every docters letters consultants, get print out from docters of all your visits to them medication, appointments that you still have to go to when i went to tribunal he was a lovely man and could see from all letters i had submitted that i was telling the truth dont give up thats what they want you to do if you start soon it is not so much to deal with when you get tribunel appointment good luck xx


Ok you need to go through the DWP's submission with a eye of details noting down all your disagreements, then formulate your own submission opposing what has been said how you disagree with it and what evidence you can back it up with. ENSURE it is received at the Tribunals Service 7 days before the appeal..... if you need any help give me a shout.

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

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