In contrast to my previous question -- what things in life do you like/enjoy the most?

My own personal favourite s are --- walking the dog (short walks of course!) --- baking --- eating dark chocolate --- watching detective programs ---- yoga --- swimming ---- jigsaw puzzles ---- caring for/helping people --- gardening (growing fruit/veg) --- feeding the birds. How about you? :)

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  • Ah, well - it's got to be wonderful shoes and beautiful clothes, chocolate, of course, baking, period dramas like 'Downton Abbey' - and people with great big, marvellous smiles!

    Moffy x

  • Everything.... Apart from the fibro and arthritis I love my life

    VG. The insufferably bouncy.. In theory... My arthritis won't let me bounce in real life.... :D

  • grandchildren of course + my lovely family & friends,, fresh air, chocolate, history, politics (which I keep to myself), online retail therapy etc. etc etc. Life can still have some pretty good stuff going on when you stop to think about it! Nice one. :)

  • family first ,reading, walking short walks of course ,eating out, theatre, cinema ,meeting friends,,life is wot u make it xx

  • My 2 yr old grandson, my family and friends, my dog, music (listening at home and live...rock music...loud ...!!), blackbird song, ebay, facebook chatting, chocolate, cuddles, smiling, being all snuggly in bed and listening to the rain outside, and a good ol' thunderstorm

  • Oh, and questions like this on here. Its interesting to see what you all say.xx

  • Travelling in the Middle East - especially Yemen - I worked there and fell in love with the country and the people. I lived in a very poor area in UK when I was born just after the war, and I see so many similarities - my mother covered with an overall every day and put on a turban around her hair, men and women lead very separate lives, there was a strong sense of community and everyone supported each other, there was a sense of shame and stigma but it kept everyone toeing the line so that they were more likely to be fair to others and moderate in their life choices, life was just much simpler and you enjoyed simple things, so going to live in Yemen gave me a chance to return to that early life which has now disappeared from UK.

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