Apart from fibromyalgia (of course!!) what do you dislike the most?

My own personal list of dislikes would include (in no particular order) ---- going to dentist (although my dentist is lovely!) --- selfish/rude/inconsiderate people/drivers --- ironing -- shopping ---- arguments --- extremes of temperature --- long journeys ----- dust (it gets everywhere!) How about you? :)

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  • My dislikes are cleaning the bathroom, shopping for clothes, going to the Doctors!! and my hubby who watches every crime programme over and over again Lol

  • I hate going to the hairdresser - i always look worse coming out than when I went in - and so expensive, too. Why do they always ask how you would like your hair, then totally ignore what you said? I have a curly mop, and they spend hours trying to make it sleek - it ain't gonna happen!

    I also hate not being able to wear 'killer heels'. I love beautiful shoes, and still buy them, tho' I could never walk in them. I just sit on the edge of the bed and try them on - what joy!

    I was once forced to go to a function in a wheelchair, and the upside of it was that I could sit there in my glamorous shoes, and not have to stand or walk in them all evening - plus everyone was very sweet to me. :)

    Ah well, 'tis better to be mobile, so I'm very grateful - even if I have to wear flat shoes all the time! :)

    Moffy x

  • Sprouts !!!!!

    VG x

  • Cabbage eggs! Yeuck - I hate 'em!

    Moffy x

  • Being trapped insixde, especially when that big, yellow thing in the sky comes out to play! :)

  • Going to the supermarket and having to listen to children screaming as their parents look on in delight !!!! :( ...Love children really but could'nt eat a whole one.. ;)

  • Yes - children are like pharts - your own are always less horrible than other people's :D

    offy x

  • Chokes and opens the volunteers hut door open wide :(

  • I hate animal cruelty!x

  • I hate going to the dentist, quite terrified to be exact!!

    Children screaming, there seems to be a cult of it going on where I live.

    What I can't understand they scream for no apparent reason.

    In my day (yawning might ensue now!!) you only screamed when you were in danger.

    Rude shop assistants.

    Uncleanliness. I am just a tad OCD.

    Bibi x


  • I hate injustice, being lied to, mental cruelty, snakes, big spiders, those big buzzy moths (uuuuggghhh), and summer...yes I know that's weird, but I hate being hot and sweaty, it makes me bad tempered, grrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

  • Easy! I worked as an aid worker on UN refugee programmes - I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate war, and my latest biggest hate of all is the horrible drones that are assassinating people without a trial and killing thousands of civilians, including women and children. Oh how I long for peace - but you can't get peace by killing others, only by sitting around a table with people you hate and making painful compromises.

  • I hate sun, arguments, when Italians starts to talk, ( most of them don't talk shout including my husband), when hubby open the TV ( hard to hear Italian TV) ad in TV, being lonely, Ironing, (can't stand up much time).

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