Docs at last

Morning all. Today I've got my long awaited appointment with my lovely GP. Have still been really rough and poorly since I last posted on here. The lesions on my body are getting worse quite quickly now and I'm very self conscious about them, hoping I will get some answers today.

Have been popping on here and reading some blogs and I would like to give you all a gentle (((hug)))

Will post later to let you know what the doctor has to say.

Much love....Charlii xx

4 Replies

  • Good luck looking forward to hearing what your GP has to tell you about them

    Please post later

    VG x

  • Good luck Charlii, I hope your doctor has some answers (and cures) for you


    Em x

  • Good luck Charlii xx

  • Hope it all goes OK, Charlii - let us know what your mystery spots are!

    Moffy x

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