Princess for a day !!!!

Well the wedding weekend was amazing everyone commented how stunning I looked im not used to it coz I never go out or get dressed up lol my man even shed a tear and my grandkids said I was a princess , I even managed a little boogie with my best friend / the bride , not bin able to get out o bed since I got in but its so worth it I had an amazing experience xx

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  • good for you!

    glad you had a good time :)

  • Now that's magic!!!

    Bibi x

  • Well done you glad it was amazin xgins

  • Somethings are worth the pain! Glad you had nice day xx

  • So pleased you had such a wonderful day. I am sure you looked lovely and I bet your family and friends were so pleased to see you enjoying yourself. Take things easy now and be very gentle with yourself while you recuperate from all the effort. Hugs Saskia XX

  • Aw thanks I am in bed as we speak still in bad pain but like ya say was worth it xx

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