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Yesterday my OH borrowed my scooter - I was shocked at first then

I had to laugh. He squeesed his enourmous body onto it picked up this black can and set of up the drive weed killing as he went - Brilliant- he managed of course to catch a couple of things I didn't want killing. But hey he was so chuffed to have weeeded the drive with out bending it was amusing. I wish he could do other things from it.

So anyone got other uses theirs are used for?

Perhaps I should n't ask! :) xgins

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VG has had hers souped up to F1 standard.

She was last seen driving it on board the cross-channel ferry, en route to Monaco! Somehow, I think Lewis Hamilton is going to have problems :O

Moffy x


Just seen this post have to rush have posted a quick thread to explain ....

VG x


Hi Gins. What a hoot,do you think he would come and do mine.AH NO I haven`t got a scooter, perhaps he could bring yours with him. As for other ideas, WELL you could sit on his lap whilst he manouvours around the garden picking up the things he`s dropped OR you could go SHOPPING in it , there`s a revolutionary idea. Have fun

Lyndia x


I wish you had a piccie of that Moffy says, VG gets up to all sorts of things, remember Easter bank holiday she hijacked sandra in a caravan which had brought most of England's traffic to a standstill !! Now she's off to Monaco..........heaven help Lewis Hamilton ;-) ;-)

Foggy x


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