Thanks to you all ( ouch the pain )

Thanks so much everyone for caring ( I don't say sympathy or pity because that is not we want is it, but caring is different )I'm so pleased I found this site, you are all so special. Well, the truth is, I have got worse as the day has gone on ( I now have a headache, my Achilles is killing me, I tried to eat and ended up feeling really sick with chronic stomach pain ( I go on Friday for a scan on my stomach and kidneys ) so you should see me, I have heated wraps with magnets on my shoulders,stomach, back, it is not a pretty sight ( if my friends at dancing could see me now) however, i suppose I'm lucky really,it could be worse ( god I'm glad it isn't. I'm sorry that the rest of you aren't feeling much better either, perhaps it's something in the water. Anyway, thanks once again for your texts, and I hope you all start to feel better soon, sunshine is what we need. Yah but it doesn't look like there's much of that on the horizon, but,we do have each other. Bless you all

Lyndia x

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  • Thank goodness it's so close to Friday ... Hope you find some answers soon and some relief from your pain

    Vg x

  • Thanks VG [ you`re not really Very Grumpy are you, you sound quite fun to me ] I don`t hold out too much hope, I have so many things wrong, and am always told ` You have to . put up with it, as there is nothing else we can do for you` this is because i am so intolerant to tablets etc [ my brothers and sisters were the same when they were alive, I had 12 of them, but they are all gone now, I m the 13th,but still kicking, although i am 76, but that`s just a number ] however, I do cope usually, and the doc., has now got used to me telling him what I want,[ it`s easier that way, and he doesn`t have to think about it much ] which isn`t very much really, there`s no point, Anyway doom and gloom we mustn`t have, so hope you are feeling better, chin up, and perhaps you`ll be brighter tomorrow.

    Lots of hugs

    Lyndia x

    PS Isn`t it a shame, being the 13th I was a mistake, and even my name was a mistake My father went to register me as Lydia, had a few bevies on the way, and ended up putting an `I` in my name, consequently, Lyndia I was, it confused my mother for ages when dad kept calling me Lyndia, and had to confess to her what he had done WHOOPS///

  • Awwww... Its a unique name ... Makes you stand out . Yeah I try not to be grumpy ... Actually when I am not trying to be serious I am as mad as a a box of frogs.... I keep telling my mum if she wanted a girl so badly she should have had lots of children and not bought me as a mixed bag of spares off eBay.... I,ve been ill since 19 .. Now 48. But I had some fun years... Got to keep positive :)

    Good luck on Friday

    VG ;)

  • You and I ought to get together, I`m as nutty as a fruit cake as well. My mum could have given your mum some of us///// WHAT FUN////// Thanks for good wishes for Friday, I will let you know how I got on

    Lyndia x

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