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so fingers crossed I need some sugestions I have been awakee all night with increasing burps/wind and now pain behind my sturnham to back

I dont know I may have pulled something yesterday anyway do I ring the doc get him out try and go in or what?

I really dont know where to place my back at all so guys what do I do please I dont know?

I have taken morning meds seems a little carmer ooh xgin

this has taken four postings

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Does your GP surgery have a morning triage system in place? Mine does and it means you can ring up early and (if you are lucky enough to get through) the doctor or nurse will speak with you on the phone and decide if you need an urgent same day appointment or not.


thats a brilliant idea! Cheers xgins



With regard the wind, my daughter suffers tremendously with wind both ways and it can lead to backache so she takes flat lemonade, jf it is really bad she puts an aspirin in the glass and she swears by it.

There are lots of things to help with wind but this works for her, I expect there are other home remedies, she also has a mint after dinner if she gets bloated.

Let me say this, it works for her, it has done nothing for me so, horses for courses.

Take care and kindest regards



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