Did anyone else feel that they were neglected by the Medical Profession following a severe tbi

After discharge from Hospital aged 13 (49 years ago) following a fractured skull and being in a coma ( I was off school 3+months ) I cannot recall getting an support from any health care professional to help cope with a changed personality etc was this normal for the 1960's

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  • Sadly, Dilm, I think this was the case back then.

    It's not too late - you can ask your GP for support and counselling, which will be available to you if you feel that you are having trouble.

    Moffy x

  • ta

    already made appt with gp

    as i said with earlier question a lot better than 40 years ago but stll problems exist

  • Good for you - I am sure your GP will be able to refer you to appropriate help. Also, have you been in contact with Headway? It's an association for people who have suffered brain injury, and they may be able to give you support and advice. Here's the link so you can find your local branch:


    Moffy x

  • Ta thanks for your help it appreciated

  • Hi

    been to Gp and their was nothing on my records indicating I had a TBI on my insistence my Gp checked the paper trail and found the notes showing a severe TBI in 1964

    The doctor is referring me to a phsycotherapist as they think the TBI has caused a lot of the social physical and mental problems I used to have and the problems I still have

    Oh I am now probably a high risk for Alzheimer s disease

    I am now well depressed but at least I know I did not imagine my `little problem`

  • Glad you've taken some action, Dillm - don't worry too much about the Alzheimer's - the link to TBI is tenuous to say the least, and the truth is, no one really knows!

    Moffy x

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