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Hey everyone,

Just a quick up date. I'm getting my keys to my flat today supper excited and will move some things in tonight. It's fully furnished only thing I need to get is a washing machine.

So I have appointments tomorrow So u will be off college :) which between appointments it will give me time to clean the place down :)

So I am going there at 10 am this morning to do the paper work and collect the keys. Then I'm going to college, :) after college I am going to Asda to get my cleaning things :))

Well I best go and get myself sorted

Bye xx

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I'm so pleased for you, don't overdo it thought and risk going into a flare.......pacing .......easy for me to say, and harder to achieve as I know to my cost. Anyway good luck and happy n home :-)

Foggy x


Yes Susan,

Don't stretch yourself too widely.

It's always uplifting to read about someone feeling positive and so excited!!

Enjoy your new home.

Bibi x


Congratulations on your new flat... I can only echo the others .. Don't forget to pace and enjoy yourself

VG x


So pleased for you hope you have many happy years at your new home take it easy x


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