low immunity

Having just got over yet another viral illness , i am feeling even weaker than usual. This is getting to me so badly for i seem to go through phases of picking up viruses one after the other. I have cfs/me& fibro each illness has its own symptoms which cause tiredness never mind picking up a virus too

I just needed a moan

hope you all have a good Monday

hugs Kira x

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  • That's awful for you, Kira. Fibro is bad enough on its own, without having various viral things on top of it.

    There seem to be so many things going round at the moment - I'm hopeful that the weather might improve and get people out of doors a bit - that usually makes us all less prone to stray infections.

    I have an irritating cough at the moment, which is driving me nuts, but hey-ho - it's sure to go away soon.

    I hope you feel better before too long.

    Moffy x

  • I feel so low today and so very tired, i'm going to go back to bed in a bit. Thanks for your reply Moffy it helps that others understand and help boost our mood.

    hugs Kira x

  • Do you eat natural food, free from additives, unprocessed, containing fat soluble as well as water soluble vitamins?

  • I try to eat healthy , i live in Scotland so there is nothing to worry about regarding drinking water. It seems every time my young grand-daughter visits ( she's at playgroup) I come down with a virus around 2 days later :-( I am very prone to viral illness, have been since i first got cfs/me from having the flu over 10 years ago .

    hugs Kira x

  • Hello serendipity, I have fybro and several other illnesses and im constantly fighting one virus or another had one which lasted for a month then another chest infection 6 week's ago I took another chest and throat infection on monday of last week and still can't shift it . trying to rest not an easy thing for me but I am completely wiped out if its not gone by next week need to see gp just like moffy my coughing is keeping me awake andxso annoying. But we just have to keep going hunni im sure we will feel better soon. Take care gentle hugs.xxx

  • I slept constantly yesterday , i feel like my cfs/me is very active and i am just sleeping my life away. I'm sorry to hear that you are ill just now , its a bitter sweet pill to swallow, taking comfort from you being ill isn't it. I hope you feel better soon , thank-you for taking the time to reply , it means so much and i really appreciate that even tho you poorly too you send me such a caring note, thank-you

    sending gentle hugs back to you

    Kira x

  • Hi there Serendipity , sorry to hear you may have a viral infection, try to get plenty of rest and water, I had that awful Viral infection 6 weeks ago and still have the cough like ladymoth says the coughing drives u mad, try taking some pure honey and lemon, the trouble is I think if the likes of us go down with a virus its pretty hard to shake off, u seem to be always taking 1 step forward and 2steps back, do wish you better serin thinking of you and sending you luv n gentle hugs xx

  • Hello Cookie72

    Thanks for your empathetic reply, its so true what you say , i seem to get viral illnesses so easily , 1 step forward 3 steps back :-(

    I will try your honey remedy, thanks

    have a good day, sending you love back

    hugs Kira x

  • Have you had your thyroid checked? I used to get loads of viruses before I got ME and afterwards until I was found to have Hypothyroidism. I now take thyroxine and, although I still have ME, I don't get viruses nearly as often. Also, get your Vitamin D levels checked as it's common to find low levels in people especially in Scotland.


  • I've been on vitamin D tablets, the doc this morning told me to stop taking them as i hadn't noticed any difference taking them, i've had all the blood tests done so i assume my thyroid is ok . Thanks for your reply

    hugs Kira x

  • Good morning serendipity and everyone. Hopefully u all might feel more rested today and if not I wish you all much love and support and magical memories in your heart.and an abundance of starlight in your soul.?? struggling myself today.but just have to rest and go with the flow.xxx gentle hugs my friends. X

  • sending you love and gentle hugs too , lets hope as the day goes on then you will feel a little better.

    gentle hugs

    Kira x

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