Flares R' us

Lying awake again tonight, had to vent some frustrations...

Lying in total agony with a fibro flare, hms/eds flare, migrane and now my insides have decided to join the party. Not a happy bunny. Can't even get comfy grrr... back to Dr's next week. I can't cope with this :(

Sorry for complaining so much, so glad I can vent on here or I'd go totally bonkers.

Hope you're all having a low pain night xxxx gentle hugs xxxx

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  • Ohhhh trea x sorry to hear you not doing well. Have you looked at any trigger foods that might be causing the flare? Anything you're craving you could well be sensitive to...

    Caffiene ? Dairy ? Wheat ? Potato ?

    I hope you get over this flair quickly xxx

  • Stress seems to be my trigger. Never noticed a connection with foods tbh. Just whenever I get upset about something or I'm in a situation I can't deal with (absolute nightmare concidering I have an anxiety disorder). Thanks xxx

  • Oooh I do feel for you! I can cope with pain pretty well, but when my guts start giving it welly, I just wish I could move to someone else's body for a few days :(

    I hope your doc can come up with something helpful. Until then rest as much as you can, and drink peppermint tea - that always helps my insides a great deal!

    Moffy x

  • Keeping my fingers crossed moffy xxx my tummy doesn't like peppermint tea but a hot water bottle usually helps xxx Thanks xxx

  • Hope u better soon hun.xx

  • Thankyou tabithaboots xxx

  • Really feel for you trae. Am exactly the same as you, including the generalised anxiety disorder, but except for the migraine. Bless you hon. I am so dosed up on Oramorph and codeine in between I don't know what to do with myself! Waiting for doc to ring me for some advice. I hope you get some relief soon and the doc can help somewhat. Sending you virtual healing hugs. Love Nikki xx

  • Thankyou x closest appointment I could get is Monday *sigh but hey ho, I'm not leaving till I get some decent answers this time lol xx thanks for the hugs, sending plenty back xxT.xx

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