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If your too unwell to work and GP signs you off work, is everyone entitled to incapacity benefit

I'm not clear what to do next. I am so stressed, trying to move from my house after living here for 26 years to a bungalow as I'm unable to climb the stairs anymore. What do I do with the sick certificate?

I am not working at the moment I definitely have paid enough into the national insurance. Do I need to sign on the dole? I'm so,confused and is this all means tested

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Hi Lucy,

You should be entitled to ESA. Heres a link which will tell you about it, and how to apply!

I don't think this is means tested, as it's based on your contributions.

Hope all goes well for you.

Moffy x


PS. If you have any noticeable disability, you should approach your local Social Services, as they will be able to help with adaptations, equipment, etc. xx


Hi ladymoth,

Huge thanks I will look at the link after my dinner. I have worked continuously for over 3 years for NHS so I'm only asking the question as I'm not sure how much longer I can cope with working and it's only part time too.

I have been involved with s

Social Services and they have really helped making adaptations around the home. Now we have to move as I'm unable to use the stairs any longer and the bathroom is up there. So for the last 8 months we have not used downstairs at all :(

They also have given me quite a lot of equipment around the house including gutter sticks and Fischer sticks. Now I have bought a wheelchair for my really bad days.

Many thanks for your helpful advice again.



Incapacity benefit is no longer viable, it has been replaced with ESA. You should be able to claim it, you either get contribution based which is paid for 365 days or if your income and savings are low enough you can claim income related ESA which has no time limit. You might also be able to claim DLA (Disability Living Allowance) as well. Contact your local job centre or the DWP for help.


Thank you Silverstar,

I'm already on DLA high rate but wanted to try and continue working, but its proving too difficult at the moment.

Thanks for your advice!


When you claim ESA, you will need to see your GP to get medical certs for the initial stage of your claim, up until you are called on to attend an ATOS medical. Depending on how that goes, they may award you full ESA benefit. Come back and let us know what happens so we can advise you further.


Thank you everyone you have all been very helpful.

Do any of you know the rates of ESA?


Hi Lucy,

you will need to submit what is called an ESA1, this is the initial application form for Employment and Support Allowance. This can be done either by calling 0800 055 6688 or you can download the form from the ESA website. Complete the form and send it in following the directions given.

After about 2 weeks you will receive what is called an ESA50 (Limited Capability for Work Questionnaire) the dreaded medical form basically. This will be sent to you from the DWP recognized medical authority. Please fill this in and send it back as soon as possible. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! please send in as much medical accompanying evidence to them as you can. You should hear from them in 3-4 weeks after sending the form. From start to finish it takes 13 weeks to assess you for ESA.

Hope that helps,

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


Hi Liam,

Thank you for your help. I have since read that people are only entitled to this for one year, is this correct?

I receive high rate mobility and middle rate care. We have some savings, so will this go against my claim?


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