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Please help ! Has anyone now got kidney disease because of strong painkillers ?

I have been on strong painkillers for along time (15 years) and now i am facing tests for kidney disease and i am so worried. I have been told i have a heart murmur now and blood and protein in my urine. I have been feeling generally unwell for a while different to the norm with the health issues i have . I have pain in the region of my kidneys , a strange pressure pain in my back in the morning which they say could be fluid on my lungs due to kidneys not working properly. Plus i am more confused than normal . Whats happening to me ? :-(

katheyrn x

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Hi Kathryn,

Unfortunately, long term use of many drugs can cause kidney problems.

It will make you feel very unwell, but with treatment you should improve rapidly.

It's possible that you may just have a kidney infection, but it's important to have a proper diagnosis.

Try not to worry too much, as you are sure to feel much better once this has been sorted out.

Very best wishes ... Moffy x


Thank you Moffy it is good to have support at this time. I have a family but I think they are fed up with me and my health to be honest , I have so many things going wrong now . I can understand to a point but i feel so lonely and depressed . I have had to retire due to ill health (not my decision). My partner left me last July and i feel my health was part of it , after 21 years together it is difficult to move on and now this.

Again thank you

katheyrn xx


Hi Katheryn,

Sorry you are going through hard times. Just remember that although you might not get too many replies, everyone will be thinking of you and wishing you well. I've found this group a great comfort and I hope you get some good news soon.

fyrefly :)


Thank you very much it means alot to me



Sorry about this I think moffy has answered it all really ... Sorry you now have an additonal worry.. . I was taking strong pain meds years ago and they upset the balance of my liver .. It was giving out very weird blood readings .. I had to have a biopsy in the end... Which revealed my liver can't handle alcohol or opiates .... I am now on different meds and my liver is back to normal... I really hope something similar will be done for you re finding meds and treatment to help your kidneys .. I don't wish the biopsy on you



Thank you for your reply i just want to know now , at docs today

katheyrn x


I was on anti inflammatory drugs for 20 years and then started chronic kidney failure.I cannt take anti inflammatory now.On amitryptyline instead.Ainep


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