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Failed ICSI

Today I got a negative result. Don’t know how I feel about my 2nd attempt as I don’t want it to fail and then be game over for me.

Iv had no bleeding out anything during this cycle.

Has anyone else had 0 bleeding or anything and still get a negative?

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Reading your other posts you’re not due to test until tomorrow, please try not to worry as lots have had a bfn a couple of days before otd but gone on to get their bfp; my daughter is a prime example and she also had a full flow bleed that she really thought was her af during her 2ww, she’s now 13 weeks!! They too had ICSI.

Good luck xx

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I had to test early as I was getting really bad cramps and the clinic asked me to test

I am going to re test tomorrow aswell for just incase, surly if I was I’d get a positive by now as it was a 5 day transfer and I was due to rest 16 days after they put it in



She had a lot of cramping too which, as she was bleeding, she took to be af cramps.

It must be so hard for you, I’m afraid I don’t have any answers but I am keeping everything 🤞🏼 for you xxxx


Hey there, how are you? I've read in communities here, that some ladies received their bfp a couple of days post otd. But on the due date they had a bfn. So don't give up! Also, why did you decide to stop trying to get pregnant after this attempt? There are still so many ways to become a parent! I wish you to have high spirit and lots of emotional strength on your journey!


Hay, I’m ok as can be. I haven’t given up trying to get pregnant my body just needs a break from the injections before a have a FET, Iv read about people getting bfn and then getting a bfo after there otd but hey didn’t seem to have to wait 16 days after a 5dt so I feel like if it was going to work this time round it would have been a positive by now xx


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