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Help and advice needed x

I have had my appointment with my gyno doctor on tuesday morning. I have done 6 cycles of clomid and havent conceived.

Anway when i first saw the gyno, not sure when this was now. She wanted to take swabs but she couldnt cos i was on my AF and was bleeding to heavy for her to do and she wasnt able to check my cervix. Well today i mentioned that she hadnt done the swabs so she did them today. As she doing them she said she could bleeding around the neck of my womb. Im wondered now as to what this can indicate, she said maybe infection? Im worried now because my mum died from cervical cancer when i was only 15 im now 33.

A little background information.

Me and my partner have been trying to conceive since january 2010. Ive had a HSG done to check for blocked tubes, this came back clear. My partners sperm count came back normal. GP referred me to a gyno. I was told i wasnt ovulating every month so she put me on clomd back in october 2012 did 3 cycles at 50mg and then 3 cycles at 100mgs. 21 day bloods came back that i was ovulated each time with the clomid. This my first month without the help of clomid and fingers crossed i have ovulated on my own as i got a +OPK on cd15, i am cd18 now and my BBT has started to rise since cd16.

I had my thyroid levels checked in febuary 2013 for my GP because i had and still have low BBT on waking. I mentioned this to the gyno today and she is waiting till i have them repeated in may and if still low she will put me on thyroid tablets. Once these results are back she will see me again and maybe try me on 3 cycles of clomid but with monitoring this time. The last 6 cycles i wasnt monitored at all!!!! Oh and maybe estrogen tablets as well as ive never had fertile CM it is very sticky.I will be having a 4 month break from taking clomid. If this doesnt work then she is going to refer me to a leeds to discuss my options further. I may or may not funding for 3 rounds of IUI, as i have a illness and have had a transplant. I dont think i will funding though as i already have a boy from my previous relationship.

Any help and information on this matter would be very helpful. Thank u xx

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This sounds like a stressful situation for you, especially given the very sad loss of your mum when you were young. When do you get the test results back from the swabs? I'm no expert, but am guessing thay there could be several less worrying reasons for the bleeding they found, including a minor infection that they could treat.


Hi. So sorry you are at such an anxious time worrying about results etc. As Noper says, there are so many reasons for bleeding around the cervix, so please don’t get jumping to any conclusions. Your swab results should soon be back and then they can prescribe any appropriate treatment should you need any. Good to see that your GP is keeping a check on your thyroid levels too, as thyroxin is a hormone too, and they all need to be working together for normal fertility. Regarding treatment on the NHS, you didn’t say what type of transplant you have had, but this might be grounds for appeal if you are turned down. If you need to appeal, then go to our website infertilitynetworkuk.com click on “NHS Funding” and scroll right down to the bottom of the page, where you will find template letters to fill in and send to your local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group). They have taken over now from the PCTs. I wish you well with this. Regards Diane


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