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has anyone gone on to have a successful pregnancy after a ectopic pregnancy?

Hi.. i'm 30 yrs old and I have a 12 yr old daughter. When I was 17, I had a miscarriage and then I fell pregnant with my daughter. For the last 11 yrs we have been trying for another baby without success until October last year. We couldn't have been happier that it had finally happened but it ended in heartache again, I had a ectopic pregnancy. I had an injection of methotrexate (think that's how you spell it) and since then, i'm going out of mind, trying to work out if i have endometriosis or something because I still don't know what caused the ectopic. I'm also worried that i'm not ovulating. So i'm just wondering if anyone has had a successful pregnancy after a ectopic pregnancy??

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Hello I had an ectopic pregnancy when I was 18 resulted in having on of my tubes taken out. Tried for years and no luck then had ivf success first time and now have a beautiful baby girl so don't lose hope xxx


MY friend has has numerous ectopics, was told she would only conceive through IVF so she did that. Then 8 years later had a spontaneous pregnancy and delivered a healthy boy. Good Luck x


Thank u both.. I hope I still have a chance because I didn't have to have one of my tubes removed. I would love to have ivf but I went to my gp and coz I already have a child, they didn't seem to care. Fingers crossed x


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